1. The aims and objectives will be, in general, to promote and to develop the socio-economic interest and status of the women of Arunachal Pradesh, and, in particular;
2. To act as an organisation to ensure the security,expansion and development of the women of Arunachal Pradesh and thereby,promote the social values of women of the state by educating them to discard the the social evils of the traditional customs which are hindrances to their interest and all-round growth in the changed circumstances of the social life of this day;
3. To promote the uplift of social status of the people of the state;
4. To promote Science, Literature, Fine Arts etc., instruct and diffuse useful knowledge (diffuse political education) among the women of the state;maintain libraries,reading rooms etc. for the use of women of the state;
5. To act as a body with a missionary zeal in the fields of social welfare,social services, and social education viz. consumers' education, legal awareness, health education etc. for the well-being of the women of the state;
6. To supervise and guide the branches and affiliated bodies in the districts in their efforts in socio-cultural and economic spheres;
7. To counsel the administration in planning, promoting and enriching the cultural heritage;
8. To uplift the women folk of Arunachal Pradesh and guarantee them equal rights;
9. To organise training programmes for the women in different fields of activities - general, economic, technical, social, political - as part of the women's all-round empowerment through participatory development;
10. To organise/promote education by opening Kindergarten schools, Adult Education Centres, Centres for Non-Formal Education and Continuing Education Centres, wherever deemed necessary and feasible;
11. To establish and run vocational training centres, thereby, enabling the womenfolk to become skilled and trained workers;
12. To develop horticulture,pisciculture,livestock farms and other auxiliary industries and undertake and execute all sorts of allied works for the economic well-being of the people of Arunachal Pradesh, in general, and the indigenous women of Arunachal Pradesh, in particular;
13. To run welfare institutions including residential schools having provision of medical facilities for the members and non-members by opening miniature medical units, family councelling units, mother and child health care units, wherever deemed necessary;
14. To institute an Educational Trust for Girls in Arunachal Pradesh by the name of YUMA (Dream), in order to promote higher and professional education of the talented girls and women of the state;
15. To disseminate information and share experiences through audio-visual and print media through exhibitions, seminars, public talks, film shows, cultural media like dances, drama, street shows, workshops, symposi, publications of articles, interviews, through research and documentation - to build up public awareness and opinions, particularly concerning the status of women and children;
16. To mobilise and train the human resources of the women and thereby, organise them for their own betterment;
17. To organise fact-finding missions in cases of against women and children in the state;
18. To do research on issues concerning the welfare of the people particularly the women, children and other downtrodden.