Samnem Ngemu Lego
Secretary General (CEC)
On the occasion of 37th Foundation Day of the Pioneer woman's organisation of the state, The Arunachal Pradesh women's welfare society (APWWS), the Central Executive Committee has embark upon documenting the long and arduous journey of the society by conceiving and creating a website.
There are many stories and anecdote about the women struggle in the state that the members of the organisation wanted to share. But due to time constrain all the records could not be compiled on time for inclusion in the website. However this is just a beginning of the process and upgrading of the website shall be continued by the next team. The CEC extend its due apology for any unintended mistake made in the website.         
I also salute one and all and express my immense gratitude especially to my president Gumri Ringu, Chief Advisor Tadar Yadir, Advisor Jarjum Ete, my other executive members Kani Nada Maling, Tongam Rina, and all the senior members for  their constant support and guidance.
I am also indebted to Tokmem Pertin Loyi, Jt. Director WCD Govt.A.P. and to A.P.State Legal Services Authority, for providing us with the materials on women friendly laws. Last but not the least, to Willa Namshoom, Addl DIO, Roing for designing the website in such short notice.
I once again offer my deepest gratitude.